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July 30 2015

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July 29 2015

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July 28 2015

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Keine Satire.
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The Morris worm or Internet worm of November 2, 1988 was one of the first computer worms distributed via the Internet. It was written by a student at Cornell University, Robert Tappan Morris, and launched on November 2, 1988 from MIT.

It’s trapped on a floppy tho this is some dark shit it has been denied its purpose forever bound to this obsolete storage

am i glad it’s in there and we’re out here

people reading fantasy novels ask “why did the ancient ones seal the evil away for ten thousand years instead of just killing it” but then we go ahead and do this shit

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Dear Mr Schmidt




I really think you need to brush up on your mythology here. Do you even know what a hydra looks like?


This is a hydra. Its defining features are its one tail and many, many heads.

So what the fuck is this supposed to be?


That, Mr Schmidt, is a fucking octopus. Its defining features are its ONE head and many LEGS.

You literally could not have gotten this more wrong.

It’s very important to me that somewhere in hydra’s evil marketing department is a harried evil graphic designer who has been trying so hard to bring this up, okay, like, listen, the first — the first presentation she had an actual hydra, it was pretty cool, it was like an evil skull hydra, it had seven evil skulls, but they were like “that’s too many heads, it makes it seem like no one is in charge,” and she said, oh, but that’s what a hydra is, it has — and they said more loudly, “could you give it more tentacles, like it’s very insidious,” and she said, that’s — yes, but that’ll be — i mean, that’s definitely, um, but what you’re asking for is not a, um, a hydra — trying to catch the project manager’s eye like BACK ME UP, I KNOW YOU TOOK CLASSICS, but the project manager was pretending to look at something on his phone, and all the execs were staring at her like is she ARGUING with us?, and like, they’re supervillains, so she said, okay, i….i’ll, sorry, i — i’ll give you something with tentacles.

a harried evil graphic designer

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Bear with my guys
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anonymous asked:

Geekdom is the only place where socially shunned males can be save and be themselves. So when women, who exclude them outside geek culture, invade those save spaces and force the scene to conform to their wants and rules they leave the men with nowhere to go. Where can they flee? They're backed into a corner. Attacking invading women is not harrassment - it is defense. Women hate socially inept males. Why should they not hate them back when they try to destoy their only sanctuary.

geekandmisandry answered:

Ok, where to begin with this trainwreck.

Gaming was never yours. Never. It was not designed as a safe space for guys free of women and you have no exclusive rights to the medium in the same way that no gender have exclusive rights to film and television. If women said you were not allowed to read books because that is their safe thing you would think they were ridiculous, you do not own a medium.

Women are not required to want to hang out with you in real life in order to game, that is another bullshit standard you apply to them and not to men. If a guy is a jerk whom you wouldn’t want to hang out with in real life you don’t throw a tantrum.

Women are not a hivemind, we each have our own individual thoughts and feelings and judge you individually. 

That being said, women don’t want to hang out with you, not because you’re socially inept, but because you are an entitled asshole who thinks that women owe you their time outside of games in order to be able to play games without hostility. 

If men weren’t hostile towards women, who have just as much a right to game as them, and weren’t so hostile towards the concept of fair representation then there would be any changes to the “scene” required, because people would already have a fair and fun experience.

Games are not your sanctuary mate, they are a product medium and never once has it been yours. Get over yourself.




and can we talk about this idea that so many geek dudes have that only men are socially awkward??? like really? we have a lock on that too?? like dude frames this whole thing like no woman has ever existed that was socially awkward, no woman has ever been “socially shunned”. what the fuck

like no bro women shun you because you’re an entitled woman hating asshole that literally justifies the harassment of women. ask yourself what fucking woman would want to be with a dude that acts like it’s okay for a dude to harass her just because she wants to play some fucking games

pull your head out of your ass, jackoff

its always so funny to see the same men who never even gave me the time of day when i was a teenager because im fat and ugly and mentally ill and not nerdy in a “cute” way act like all geeky women have nooo ideaaa what its like to be shunned and rejected for appearances. if they would consider pulling their heads out of their asses long enough to see that “lonely socially-awkward nerd who cant find a partner” isn’t a gender-specific trope, they might not keep whining about this kind of shit and using it as a pretense to exclude women from gaming, but that would require actually seeing them as human beings, god forbid.

“not nerdy in a “cute” way”.

Right?! I know so many girls that were deemed unattractive by these guys and thus treated terribly, by the very same people who act like they are so slighted because a girl they think is hot didn’t like their creepy come ons.

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  • me:   *has terrible thought*
  • friend:   *says terrible thought out loud*
  • me:   OH THANK GOD
Tree of Color — Friendship
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