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April 18 2017

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Scottish women of the Highland Games–kicking ass, wearing kilts and making you swoon. 

@opalescent-potato this has you written all over it

Seriously, life goals or wife goals? I can’t decide.

why not both?

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we dem b o y z

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April 17 2017

Want to use a fancy custom language for something, but don’t know how to make one?Use Vulgar!




Vulgar is a conlang (constructed/fictional language) generator created to help literally generate a language for you. No, really. No tricks, and it’s super simple to use. It’s my favourite tool right now for writing fantasy, even as someone who loves creating his own languages, it’s an amazing starting point.

Want a random conlang, straight away, with no prep or fuss? Just visit http://vulgarlang.com/index.html and click “Generate New Conlang”… and that’s it. Scroll down and through your brand new, generated, completely original conlang. 

If you’re a little more advanced in terms of conlanging and want to specify IP phonemes to be used, you can add them too, but even with no knowledge of linguistics you can create a language at the click of your fingers.

This version of Vulgar is completely free, sure…. but! the guy who created it has not only made an amazing thing (which I repeat, is absolutely free at it’s most basic point), but is also planning on updating it more and more!

Under the “Buy” tab on the Vulgar website, he links to his email, where you can offer to pay for the full version of Vulgar, which is a total steal right now at a sale price of only nineteen dollars. Considering professional conlangers and linguists could charge you, like, a metric fuck ton of money for the same data you’re getting here for just nineteen, that’s a major steal.

Not to mention, buying the alpha build now gives you free access to all of it’s updated versions, which I can guarantee are just going to get better and better! I’ve already bought it and I adore it, and this is a tool the likes of which we in the conlang community have never seen in such an awesome way.

Please consider helping Vulgar out, because the creator is a damn genius

This is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever come across


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April 15 2017

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what the fuck

#christian memes are either hilarious or terrifying

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I don’t like the placement of these articles

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Alnatura Bio-Wurstwasser ohne Fettaugen …

Zutaten: Wurstwasser*85%, Wasser, Salz * aus biologischer Landwirtschaft
Inhalt: 330 ml
Qualität: kbA (EU-Bio)
GTIN: 4104420142089


  • Wurstwasser direkt aus dem Glas
  • eignet sich besonders gut als Erfrischungsgetränk
  • frischer, leicht fleischiger Geschmack
  • wird ganzjährig direkt aus dem Wurstglas gewonnen
Nach dem Öffnen gekühlt lagern und innerhalb von zehn Tagen verbrauchen.

Rezept für Wurstwasser Sour:

  • 1 cl Alnatura Wurstwasser
  • 1 cl Mineralwasser
  • 0,5 TL Alnatura Limettensaft
  • 0,5 TL Ahornsirup Grad A
  • 2 Gurkenscheiben
  • 3 Eiswürfel
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